an effort to build a complete De-centralized Ecosystem




build a complete
De-centralized Ecosystem

SELF Exchange Ecosystem is an effort to build a completely decentralized ecosystem for the benefit of consumers, farmers, merchants, and bulk suppliers.

The prime objective is to optimize the cost, time, processes, and requirement of resources related to the entire producer-to-consumer value chain.

In the current pandemic situation, people are losing jobs. SEE focuses on savings for individual consumers on their every purchase including daily essentials by forming a digital consumer’s community. Also, it provides an affirmative business environment for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by collaborating with other stakeholders in the business ecosystem. SEE will make businesses sustainable and profitable. The system provides revival of dormant business activities to restart and establish a facilitation center at a very economical budget under the SEE umbrella.

SEE is in-line with government announcements to allow farmers to reach out to consumers directly. The entire value chain and logistics from-producer-to-consumer is made easy, transparent, and slim.

All stakeholders under SEE follow the same payment protocol, thus allowing benefits to both farmers and consumers. Farmers get a much better rate for their produce and immediate payment realization and consumers enjoy sizable discounts. The entire system is structured in such a way that one can get more benefits by carrying more sell/buy transactions on this ecosystem. Also, 100% transparency is maintained and everyone's data is kept secured.

SEE is looking at a stepwise go-to-market plan. First, it will provide a strong connect between farmers, merchants, MSME (processors) and, bulk suppliers of commodities to directly link with consumers. It allows consumers to form the first of its kind “digital consumers community” to aggregate their demands to increase their negotiating power manifolds.

SEE empowers local shops to do ‘across-the-counter’ (in-store) as well as ‘online’ selling.

In the second stage, it will offer a “barter trading & bidding” facility to farmers &producers. Effective logistics and digital connect between producer’s and consumer’s market by forming a star network of PINs and facilitation centers to bridge farmers with the digital consumer’s community.

In the third stage, a financial ecosystem will be established wherein farmers and agri commodity merchants can go digital completely backed by block-chain technology platform; thus establishing transaction traceability and stock/inventory management protocols to meet their timely and adequate credit demands from banks / financial institutes. The formation of an open financial marketplace will bring institutional funding in farming and post-harvest activities at a reasonably lower interest rate.

A more realistic and accurate rating & accreditation system will help financial institutions/banks to evaluate their customers better than now.

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