About Us

About Us

About SELF Exchange Ecosystem

SEE is focused on rural and agricultural markets

SELF Exchange Ecosystem is a technology-supported trade & exchange platform and a Non-Government ‘profit transaction-based’ ecosystem operated by decentralized stakeholders.

The prime objective of the SEE is to facilitate ”Peer-to-peer” effective barter & trade among various stakeholders in the agri-value chain. Multiple stakeholders can do trade & exchange transactions without any intermediaries facilitating direct – farmer-to-farmer /farmer-to-processor/ processor-to-farmer/ farmer-to-upstream / farmer-to-downstream / stream-to-downstream / downstream-to-downstream etc.

Functionality: SEE can facilitate the most effective barter mechanism as product-to-product exchange / product-to-service exchange / service-to-product exchange / service-to-service exchange; digitalizing (tokenizing) value-based quantitative and qualitative protocols are fundamental prerequisites for effective barter. Going further, currency-less-value-based transactions are possible under the SELF Exchange Ecosystem.

Also, logistical arrangements for commodities, products, and services are important.

Every registered member on the SEE will be issued a Payment cum Loyalty Card that will have a unique“16 digit ID Number”. Customers can use any mode of digital payment to enjoy discounts from the SEE registered Merchants; Customers will get more and more benefits / Rewards / Discounts as and when he transacts digitally on SEE frequently.

With each Card instrument, there will be a Wallet attached to accumulate Credits and rewards of an individual. These Credits and rewards can be used / en-cashed periodically by a member. The entire program is transparent and simple to understand. It is logically programmed in such a way that the registered cardholders can get-“Incrementally Increasing discount for every purchase of the same category of goods or services”

SEE can cater to both producer and consumer markets; both rural as well as urban needs of consumers. The program will roll out Region by Region- connecting every Postal PIN logistically and digitally across India.

Nagpur-Wardha-Yavatmal region will act as the Central point of entire logistical Coordination in the SELF Exchange Ecosystem.

The Extension of the program from trade facilitation to exchange (barter) mechanism for Agricultural Commodities among farmers will be the real game-changer!

Problem Statement

SELF Exchange Ecosystem Addressing Challenges in Agriculture

An agricultural business ecosystem is very complex and long with several intermediaries. It is driven by many known, unknown, and unpredictable complex variables(like weather); there is a need to identify, define, establish their evolving behaviour pattern and their interdependence mathematically; identifying key performance indicators-KPIs to fix all variables in farm production and supply chain, establish their complex relationship with net revenue generated per acre of farmland is core objective of SELF Exchange Ecosystem.

There is no comprehensive commodity-specific demand-supply-inventory data prerequisite to identify the right price at a local and national level. Unfortunately, many times pricing in agri mandi’s is driven by highly fluctuating MCX and other commodity exchanges which are based on speculative virtual trading. Also, there is no reliable standard tool for accurate pricing and demand predictions of agri commodities.

There are no set qualities and pricing standards maintained in traditional cooperative agri-mandis. The high number of intermediaries and non-transparent process makes it more difficult for a farmer to get the right value for their produce; also timely payments are not assured.

Unfortunately, the long and inefficient agri produce value chain results in the end consumers paying exorbitantly high for items that are cheaply sold by the producer(farmers)!!!

SELF Exchange Ecosystem

How It Works

Benefits to


Benefits to Consumers

SELF EXCHANGE ECOSYSTEM can facilitate individual consumers to form a “Digital Consumers Community”. Community buying aggregate demand and give negotiation power. To start with, this negotiated discount could be to the tune of 5%-10% but as we...

Benefits to Merchant, Wholesale Merchants and Distributors

Challenges- Last 11 months have been very interesting in market for Merchants. Due to adverse Pandemic situation, On one side Merchants are encouraged to keep shop open for limited period on another side individuals are discouraged go out and do buying.

Benefits to Pin Partner

An Entrepreneur Community wanting to establish something at each postal PIN and become Partners to SELF EXCHANGE ECHSYSTEM. The Task will be to establish Loyalty Program by leveraging Network and Connect Distributors, Merchants,...

Benefits to Farmers

Farmers are most economical deprived community. Due to tendency to deal in Cash both in selling as well as buying they do not have absolute Credit tractability, this deprives them to take Farming Business to Bank to seek sort term funding for Projects.

Benefits to Banks

Bank has been struggling to establish ”secured” lending formulae to a Farmer Community. In absence of traceability of Credit ratings and transaction, Crop Project P&L, it becomes very difficult to comply documentation and accept evidences and so last method...

Stake holders - Providers to enterprise & Agriculture

SELF believes in promoting and creating Entrepreneurs. SELF a single holistic platform providing direct access and availability of FARMERS, CONSUMERS under one umbrella. Ability get Analytics on Consumption pattern, Time graph to know movement and demand,...

Benefits to FMCG

There are Many Products and Brands, which are not popular; It is not viable to spend on Branding / TV advertising for them. People go for Unpaid Social media marketing but then it is like sending arrow in Dark. Again, if you go for Paid Social media marketing...

Formation of Digital Communities
with common Business Goal

Making Consumers & small Producers
- Unorganized to Organized

Digital Optimization of
Supply Chain - Reducing hubs.

Deliver Maximum benefits of Open
market economy to small and unorganized
- Producers & Consumers.

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