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PIN Partner

Is a SEE key local partner working under the distributor. There will be an exclusive PIN Partner at each Postal PIN location. They will be responsible for joining merchants & card sellers to promote and penetrate the SEE in their territory.

Facilitation Centre (FC)

Are exactly performing Regional coordinating center role to facilitate seamless trade and exchange among registered stakeholders. They will be supporting Distributors and PIN Partners to penetrate deep in-roads in regional markets. It is like a Common Service Centre-CSC center established to provide essential services at one single place to citizens. Facilitation centers are capable to support regional issues, specific pain areas, and guide stakeholders if required, sit & handhold to do transactions, trade, and exchanges among farmers, merchants, bulk commodities buyers, and consumers.

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Distributor plays a pivotal role under state partner responsible to identify pin partner, card seller, merchants; distributor can board and co-ordinate with PIN partners, Card seller, Merchants, etc.


Bank mainly supports SEE stakeholders go cashless. Going cashless will help retailers, in particular, to get rid of the cash menace and focus on their productive business activity.

SEE will integrate various products in the banking domain with their ERP solutions to develop various useful applications for a different class of bank’s customers. Also, our partnership with a bank will help them to acquire new customers, increase earnings from the payment gateway, POS, Prepaid cards, and integrated close-loop/card wallet management, etc.

Complete Ledger Traceability and transaction history data will help the bank to rate their customers better than presently available tools at their disposal right now. This will help directly to small producers / MSME & farmers to get borrowings in-time.

Logistic Company

Effective logical looping across PINs among Producers-Consumers markets and use of right technological tools to make supply chain logistically less expensive and time-efficient are among the few important key innovative solutions on SEE.

Resources sharing with present logical companies with established networks and start-ups will help to develop cost-effective logistical solutions for SEE stakeholders.

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PIN Partner

Facilitation Center

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